TS 3

Spray applicator for water-based adhesive with suction table and walls opening in the sides, working area from cm 80
x 65 to cm 150 x 65

  • The spray gun is mounted on a balancer that makes it very comfortable prolonged use
  • The adhesive tank is made of stainless steel to have the best reliability
  • The model TS1 can be used in the shoe manufacturing for upper’s bonding and for bonding belts, bags, wallets and small leather goods
  • It can apply any water-based adhesives, synthetic and natural latex of any viscosity
  • The suction system is able to aspirate the overspray through the filters placed on the working table, on the left, right and back side of the machine


Available with different spray gun models:

  • Microspray (4 – 30 mm)
  • Inox (10 – 50 mm)
  • HV101 (15 – 150 mm)


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