Galli: from the manual to automatic

The company’s challenge is to get the results of the best artisan tradition, automating the work effectively

The research and evolution of the Galli Technologies continues with the aim of achieving high quality standards, in a completely automatic and performing manner: thanks to high quality processes, first of all the revolutionary “TecnoSystem 100”, an automatic line for edges working process for belts and strips, it is now possible to produce typical products of the best Made in Italy, quickly and efficiently. The project is mainly reflected in the evolution of drying systems with a natural effect, which definitively eliminate imperfections and problems related to humidity and to the use of too hot temperatures, that determine poor quality coloring finishing. The company’ solutions, in fact, aim to overcome this limit, providing the best way to obtain complete working processes, optimizing time, ensuring high levels of production, from the first to the last product. Innovation at the service of quality.