CNC three axis gluing robot with machine vision system

  • This machine uses water-based adhesives
  • Working area X mm 1.000, Y mm 800, Z mm 130
  • The material to be glued is positioned on the table with a vacuum system
  • Double spray gun with quick connection: one high precision gun (4-30mm) and one filling gun (40-50mm)
  • The machine is connected to a Personal Computer on which is installed Overmec HMI software to control the working cycle
  • High resolution camera with CMOS sensor
  • This machine, using optical machine vision system, is able to automatically detect the pieces positioned on the working table and can glue them in a precise and rapid way. The number of pieces that the machine can recognize is unlimited
  • If the machine is connected to Internet Overmec can do diagnostics and on-line technical assitance
  • Augmented filtration system with cartridge filters and saturation control
  • Automatic guns cleaning system
  • Safety photocells


Download the data sheet of our preparation and gluing phase machines