CCN0 – T1.5

CNC Two axes spray gluing system with conveyor belt, working area mm 600 x 400

  • This machine uses water-based adhesives
  • Automatic loading device
  • Conveyor belt made by porous material with suction to capture the overspray and to hold the material to be bonded even if slight
  • Possibility to perform linear and circular interpolations and therefore the machine can perform very complex gluing trajectories
  • The machine is connected to a Personal Computer on which the installed Overmec HMI software perform the control of the working cycle
  • Programmation in teaching system: the operator does not introduce any numerical data but he has to position the applicator on the profile points after which the machine will perfom automatically the gluing cycle
  • Possibility of programming the machine, drawing the gluing paths through CAD software supplied by Overmec
  • If the machine is connected to Internet Overmec can do diagnostics and on-line technical assitance


Download the data sheet of our preparation and gluing phase machines