TB801-N.1 + UNA6.1

Automatic spray gluing machine with conveyor belt and dryer unit, working width mm 750

The model TB801-N+UNA6.1 is an automatic machine for applying water base adhesive by spraying. The maximum width of working is mm 750. The material is placed on a belt conveyor that moves forward while the spray gun, that applies the adhesive, moves alternatively from right to left. The possibility to adjust the time and the advancement speed of the belt conveyor and also the gun speed, permits to obtain a good application of the adhesive. The settings of the different cycles are programmed by LCD touch screen. The model TB801-N+UNA6.1 is equipped with a motor fan unit that blows warm air on the glued materials placed on the back side of the belt conveyor. The air temperature is adjustable and may arrive till 70°C. The suction unit permits also to reactivate the adhesive for having a better adhesion of the parts. The belt conveyor (very easy to change) is realized on polyester fiber with thickness of mm 5. The suction under the belt conveyor blocks the pieces during the adhesive spraying phase. The suction system,in addition to block the pieces on the conveyor belt, attracts the overspray between the filter panels placed on the left, right and back side of the machine.


  • 300 mm front extension and safety photocells
  • rear camera with LCD screen
  • manual spray gun with handle
  • second automatic spray gun kit
  • electronic tank scale


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