Galli is among the Pavia companies that are the true protagonists of the economic and social relaunch of the territory

Galli SpA has reached the top of the market in its sector, guaranteeing the customer maximum professionalism and precision in the design and production of machinery for leather goods and footwear. Galli is a point of reference worldwide by investing in constant research into advanced technologies and staff training, with the aim of always developing new skills and satisfying every production need with customized machines at a high level of innovation.
The creation of custom machinery is guaranteed by the internal R&D department, capable of designing the best technologies to respond to different product and process needs, making use of 3D and rendering technologies to offer the simulation of production layouts. Innovation and research also guide the creation of technologies with a focus on reducing consumption and waste.
Galli also stands out for its technical support, with the ability to guide the customer in the search for new solutions. The Vigevano company does not stop innovating and for 2024 is offering new machinery that aims to reduce set-up times and energy consumption with guided procedures.